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Employment Opportunities

Do you want to become part of a team that takes painting as a profession seriously?  ABC Painting & Drywall believes that attention to detail, craftsmanship, hard work, and professional development are important whether you're a foreman or a member of the crew.  If you value these qualities as much as we do, we want to hear from you!

What we do for our clients involves so much more than prepping and painting walls.  Because professional painters work closely with clients, spending time in their homes and businesses, trust and professionalism are important at every level.

The painters we choose to join our crew take health and safety seriously – whether that means their own safety, the welfare of coworkers, or the health and safety of clients.  We believe quality means more than just a beautiful paint job.  Our goal is to be exceptional in all we do so we not only meet, but exceed our clients' expectations.

Name (first and last):
Careful - If it's not correct, we can't contact you
What town do you currently live in?
Cell Phone:
A smart-phone is a must with fluency in texting, e-mailing, and apps
Position Preference:
Choose the position that best reflects your skills and experience.
  Trainee - Learn to be a professional painter, no experience necessary.    $9.00-$11.00
  Painter Helper - Prep Crew, Tape, Mask, Scrape, Caulk, Moving ladders safely.    $11- $13
  Painter- Responsible for proper prep and application of all coatings, friendly, safe , and efficient work.    $13- $15
  Crew Leader- Able to run crew of 2-4 guys efficiently, make sure job comes in on time, on budget with quality.    $15- $17

Skill Level:
Rate your skill level.
  Beginner - Trainee - 1
  Journeyman Level Painter - 5

Previous Business:
How many years did you own your painting or other contracting business?
  Never Owned a Contracting Business - 1
  5+ Years - 5

Painting Experience:
How many years have you been painting?
Job History:
Please list 5 references (name, and contact number) here:
Are you able to transport yourself from jobsite to jobsite throughout the work day? (along with materials & equipment needed)?
  Yes, Cargo Van
  Yes, Pick-up Truck/ SUV
  Yes, Car

Driver's License:
Before an offer of employment is made, there will be a criminal background check and I-9 verification.
  All OK - there are no legal concerns that will restrict me from doing this job
  Not OK - there all legal concerns

Professional Appearance:
Not Allowed - visible piercings, loose jewelry, gaged ears, tattoos above the neckline.
  Yes, I have a professional appearance

Considerate Smoker:
Considerate smokers leave no ashes or butts, and only smoke in or by vehicle.
  Yes, I am a considerate smoker
  No, I do not smoke

Life is a Journey.  We are all learning everyday!  Share something that you recently learned.
Learning new skills means more pay and more benefits
On Time?
Arriving on time shows respect for your co-workers, your job, and the customer.  On time means 15 minutes early.
   Yes, I am always on time - which means 15 minutes early - for my job
  I am usually barely on time to the exact minute.
  I am often late

Move Ladders
Do you have strength and coordination to move and position (by yourself) a 24' aluminum or fiberglass extension ladder?
  Yes, I can move and position a 24' ladder
  No, I am not comfortable with ladders

Physical Limitations
Do you have any physical limitations that could prevent you from performing duties common to the painting trade? Afraid of heights? Uncomfortable on ladders?
  Yes, I have physical limitations that could keep me from performing common painters' duties
  No physical limitations

List any formal training you have taken.  First Aid or CPR, Ladder Safety, OSHA10 Hr., EPA RRP (Lead Paint), Paint Sprayer Safety, etc.
Who gets hired?
Painter A can paint 2 doors in one hour.  Painter B can paint 4 doors in one hour.  Both do the work safely and with excellent quality.
  Painter A
  Painter B

How many exterior homes would you guess have you painted?

What paint brands and lines of paints do you have experience with?

If I asked you to bring all of the painter hand tools you would need to complete a job, what tools would you bring?

Please list any painting equipment you currently own.

We are a company who cares, has fun, and has high expectations of performance. Please explain why you would be a great fit.

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